Koala Panda Adult Cloth Diaper Shell


Reusable adjustable waterproof cloth diaper for Adults, Children & Teenagers 60cm – 110cm waist. Shell only.

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Reusable adjustable waterproof cloth diaper for Adults, Children & Teenagers 60cm – 110cm waist. Shell only.

Koala Panda Adult Cloth Diaper will also suit teenagers or older children.

Koala Panda Adult Nappy will suit adults or special needs children can be in nappies longer than babies. Using cloth nappies will help to save thousands of dollars and greatly reduce the environmental impact. Outer fabric is waterproof PUL and the inner fabric is soft microfleece stay dry fabric. Moisture is absorbed into the insert inside the nappy leaving skin dry and fresh These easy to use nappies don’t require any special skills in folding, no bleach or soaking required. Machine wash, line dry and reuse, it’s as simple as that.


  • Soft stay dry fabric inner material – to keep the skin feeling dry
  • Waterproof PUL outer fabric to keep clothes and furniture dry
  • Adjustable waist and rise (height) snaps to suit a waist measurement between 60cm – 110cm and a hip/thigh measurement from 45cm to 84cm.
    If you have a young child with a waist of between 50cm – 60cm, please contact us, we can adjust the nappy to suit a smaller size.
  • Absorbent – this can also be altered to suit each person’s need
  • Easy to wash and reuse
  • Quiet low noise soft material
  • Trim fit when used with 1 insert – they can be a little more bulky when using extra inserts


Choose between Microfiber or Bamboo inserts to absorb the liquids. Microfiber inserts absorb & dry quickly, Bamboo is thinner and holds a little more than microfiber and is good at holding onto the liquid. However, bamboo takes a little longer to absorb and a lot longer to dry.

The generous pocket will easily fit 2-3 inserts, which can used to increase absorbency. Using microfiber and bamboo together will give the best results. Place the microfiber insert closest to the body inside the pocket to pick up the urine quickly and put the bamboo at the back to help hold the liquid.

The night booster insert can be used as for extra absorbency without increasing the bulk of the nappy. This insert sits on top of the pocket and sits directly against the body, if just this pad is wet it can just be swapped out and the outer shell can be reused. However we recommend that an insert is still placed inside the pocket for the best absorption performance.

Absorbency levels:

1 adult 4 layer microfiber insert will hold – 450 – 500ml
1 adult 5 layer bamboo insert will hold – 470 – 530ml
How much each insert can hold will change depending on the speed of the urine output and how many times the insert has been used and washed.  The slower the output the more time the fabric has to absorb.

How to use

  • Adjust rise snap to suit required height of the nappy to suit, for children this is generally the smallest setting (top row to the bottom).
  • Place the insert/s inside the nappy pocket
  • Fit nappy onto the body, doing the hip leg snap (lowest snap) first then adjust waist to suit
  • Take off the nappy then, tip any solids into toilet and rinse. A liner can make this easier
  • Store dirty nappies in a basket or wet bag when away from home. NO soaking, this will degrade the fabric and elastics and reduce the life of the product

This video may also help to see how to adjust and use the Adult Cloth Nappy

Washing your adult cloth nappies

Modern cloth nappies are super easy to clean and to include in your daily wash routine. No soaking needed, store dirty nappies in a laundry basket then they will have 2 washes. One for approx. 30 minutes with detergent and a second longer cycle. The long wash cycle can also include other clothing items, as the bulk of the mess has been removed in the short wash. We have full washing details in our blog post, this post talks about baby cloth nappies, however the same washing principles apply to the adult cloth nappies.

Payment supports

You may be eligible for the Continence Aids Payment Scheme if you’re 5 years of age or older and have permanent and severe loss of bladder or bowel function. Click this link to check if this payment scheme might apply to your needs.

We can also support payments for Adult Cloth Nappies through the NDIS if you are self managed or plan managed. To process payments through an NDIS plan, please message us with the details and we can arrange an invoice for payment. Or alternatively, place an order and choose bank transfer. In the checkout notes, include the participants NDIS number and plan manager details and we can send through an invoice.

Eco Incontinence Adult Nappy Adjust Size Image

We are ABDL aware

And we’re happy to provide a safe, secure and discrete service to all our customers. We’re pleased to respond to requests for product information from members of the ABDL community.

We’re proud to provide expert and professional product advice to all site visitors, but please understand that we have no staff members that are in the ABDL community. We’re unable to answer specific lifestyle questions or respond to requests for role-play via phone, online chat or email. To allow us to continue to enjoy serving you, we ask that you help us create respectful communication about our Adult Baby products.




Features- Adjustable size - 60cm to 110cm waist
- Waterproof outer shell
- Stay dry lining inside
- Adjustable absorbency to suit day or night use
- Machine washable
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