Alkeme Baby Essential Gift Pack


Alkeme Baby Essential Gift Pack

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Alkeme Baby Essential Gift Pack

Alkeme Baby Essential Gift Pack

This set contains  a selection of Alkeme’s Baby Essentials.

Tinks Baby Oil 50ml, Angel Baby Wash 50ml and the amazing Cheeks Baby Balm 15ml.

The perfect gift to try out a super healthy product for bubs.

Alkeme Angel Baby Wash

A gentle and effective olive oil based baby wash, gently foaming pure formula to support a new babies skin.

You can add Angel Baby Wash to baby’s bath for a gentle cleanse or directly onto babies skin using a fresh clean cloth or your hands.

Alkeme Angel Baby Wash is a gentle foam for soft skin, super soothing and nurturing for all our gorgeous babies. Add a small amount to bath water or lather on hands or sponge. It can also be used as a body, hand and hair wash on sensitive skin and bodies.

Made from Olive Oil,  Chamomile, Lavender and Honey Murcott essential oils and sea salt to thicken.

Alkeme Tinks Natural Baby Oil

Super gentle, moisturising oil for baby skin.You can use to massage on bub or in the bath for a silky soft bathe.

Alkeme combines pure plant oils and organics to nurture and soften baby skin.

For daily use or as required. Add a tiny amount to bath water for a silky wash or rub liberally onto baby’s skin using your hands for a gentle massage and deep skin treatment.  A great way to connect with your gorgeous baby.

Safe for use on mum during pregnancy or as a sensitive skin body oil and facial oil.

Alkeme Tinks Baby Oil contains Natural plant ingredients, Olive, Avocado, Jojoba oil, Chamomile, French Lavender, vitamin E from plants to preserve.

Alkeme Cheeks Baby Balm

Nutrient dense plant based balm to soothe, hydrate and protect babies cheeks. For all babies, use on bottom for nappy rash prevention and relief and on bubs red and dry face for teething rash. Perfect for sensitive skin, dry skin and irritated skin.

Also perfect for sore cracked nipples from breast feeding and pregnancy.

Super soothing and loving.

Beeswax, coconut, olive and avocado oils, vitamn E, chamomile and lavender essential oils. Calendula powder.

Eco Friendly, Sustainable & Natural Products for Health Warriors. Made Locally, With Vibrancy in Pristine Tropical Queensland, Australia & Family Owned. A product that’s Freshly Blended in Small Batches Using Tried & Tested Formulas, Modern Sustainable Techniques & Age Old Remedies,  & Best of All Its Good For You.

Also available from the Alkeme Range:

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Alkeme Natural Lip Salve 10ml

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Alkeme Natural Belly & Beyond Oil 150ml

Alkeme Tinks Natural Baby Oil 125 ml

Alkeme Angel Baby Wash 125 ml


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