Alkeme Tinks Natural Baby Oil 125 ml

Alkeme Tinks Natural Organic Baby Oil 125 ml


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Alkeme Tinks Natural Organic Baby Oil  125 mls

Super gentle moisturising oil for baby skin.

Organic Avocado & Lavender Flower

You can use to massage on bub or in the bath for a silky soft bathe.

Alkeme combines pure plant oils and organics to nurture and soften baby skin.

For daily use or as required. Add a tiny amount to bath water for a silky wash or rub liberally onto baby’s skin using your hands for a gentle massage and deep skin treatment.  A great way to connect with your gorgeous baby.

Safe for use on mum during pregnancy or as a sensitive skin body oil and facial oil.

Alkeme Tinks Baby Oil contains Natural plant ingredients, Olive, Avocado, Jojoba oil, Chamomile, French Lavender, vitamin E from plants to preserve.

Alkeme products are Eco Friendly, Sustainable & Natural Products for Health Warriors. Made Locally, With Vibrancy in Pristine Tropical Queensland, Australia & Family Owned. A product that’s Freshly Blended in Small Batches Using Tried & Tested Formulas, Modern Sustainable Techniques & Age Old Remedies,  & Best of All Its Good For You.

Preservative Free

Chemical, Synthetic and Phthlate FREE


Palm Oil Free

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