10 Plain Cloth Nappies & Bag


10x Modern Cloth Nappy package with your choice of inserts & colours

Select 10x Nappy colours and 1x Plain colour wet bag - Click the link below in the description to see all available colours

10x Modern Cloth Nappy package with your choice of inserts & colours

10 Cloth Nappy package

This Nappy Package includes:
10x Plain Colour Modern Cloth Nappies with your choice of inserts
1x Plain Colour Wet Bag – Choose between the Deep Blue, Bright Pink, Red, Dark Green or Light Green
You choose the colours – Just send through a message with payment or send us an email with your colour choices.   (Includes ONLY plain coloured nappies)

Our Modern Cloth Nappies:

You can use just these 10 modern cloth nappies as a part time set of cloth nappies or add these to boost what you already have so that you have more time between washes.

They are super cute, easy to use and easy to clean.  The Nappies have a beautifully soft stay dry micro fleece inner layer (against bubs skin).  Moisture passes through this layer to the insert underneath which holds the fluids/wee.

If you’re worried about cleaning poo off nappies than you may want to use Bamboo Flushable liners.  These are placed on top of the nappy to catch the solid wastes.  When dirty the liner along with any poo can be flushed down the toilet or placed in the bin (without the poo).

The inserts can be removed for a better wash and quicker drying times.  Extra inserts can also be added to increase absorbency.  Choose between Microfiber or Bamboo inserts, Microfiber inserts dry quicker than Bamboo Inserts.  And Bamboo inserts are thinner and a little more absorbent than microfiber.

The outer nappy shell is waterproof PUL which is soft and breathable.  It keeps moisture in, but also allows babies skin to breath to help reduce nappy rash.

Fitting is easy with many different snaps to choose to help find the right fit your babies shape, from long and skinny to chunky thighs and everything in between.   Please see information on fitting and sizing to see how easily our cloth nappies adjust.  We have some helpful videos at the bottom of the fitting page too.

No Pins, folding or soaking required!  Help your family save money and reduce your environmental impact now, by using our Modern Cloth Nappies.

About us:

Little Aussie Monster was started because we wanted to help more families use Modern Cloth Nappies.  So we do our best to keep costs low with our small family run business, by doing as much of the work ourselves.  We also rely on word of mouth to help grow our business and pride ourselves on providing quick and friendly customer service and advice.  When you fall in love with cloth, please tell your friends and help share the cost & environmental savings with them too.


FeaturesOne Size Fits Most (OSFM)
Will Suit Babies from 3.5kg - 13kg Approx
Pocket design
Hip Snaps - for a better leg/thigh fit
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