Best Easter gifts for Baby

Easter Gifts For Baby

Easter can be a tricky time for families with a baby, and especially more tricky for families with a baby & toddler.  Your baby may not be ready for chocolate or lolly eggs yet and you want something special so baby can join in the Easter fun.

We have put together a list of Easter gifts for baby that will be used for years

Garden Rabbit Cloth Nappy on baby

Cloth Nappies

You know we love our cloth nappies, but seriously, they are the best gifts to give at Easter. Cloth nappies are something that can be used for years & looks super cute. The cloth nappy shell can also be used as a cover over disposable nappies. That way a special outfit can last all day long.

Toddler Bunny Legionnairet hat

Sun Hat

The hats have a soft and flexible angled brim, they also fit comfortably over the neck and ears, making it a great sun hat. They are made up of 90% Cotton and 10% Elastane jersey, making it a light, durable and stretchy investment for any baby. Plus this cute hat has bunnies on it!

Baby washable swim nappy River Stones Front

Swimming Nappy

Perfect for swimming lesson, backyard water play & water playgrounds, these are adjustable in size so baby won't outgrow it too quickly so you can continue making fun water filled adventures

Sleep Right Consultant

Give the gift of sleep

If baby isn't sleeping well, the whole family will be tired and everyday life can become very difficult. If this is your family, contact Vanessa at Sleep Right Sleep Tight, she will help your baby sleep better during the night and day. So your whole family can enjoy more special moments together

Suction Bowl

Soon your baby will be enjoying the exciting world of food and all the flavours this brings, along with the mess! A suction bowl will make this stage so much easier, it's also something that can be used for years. It may even hold an Easter egg sometime soon.

Little Tucker Box Drink Bottle

Drink Bottle

If your baby isn’t at this stage they will be soon and you’ll be forever looking for a water bottle. Start adding to the collection early so you can always find one when you need.

Baby Kids Sunglasses Keyhole Black Model Front


Start baby wearing sunglasses early so they are more likely to keep them on and it then becomes a lifelong habit that will protect their eyes from the harsh Australian Sun.

Easter Purple Bunny Wet Bag

Wet Bags

You can place a special toy inside, or give just the bag. Wet bags are great for dirty clothes, wet swimmers, dirty nappies even an Easter Egg hunt stash bag.

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