It’s a Boxing Week Sale

2022 deserves an extra long boxing day sale. So our sale will be running for 1 week, from December 24th until December 31st.  Make sure you subscribe to our emails, we will be sending a special code just for you to use on Christmas Day and New Years Eve.

Check out the special deals available for Boxing Sale Week.

26 Baby Cloth nappies with Microfiber inserts for $276
– 26 Cloth nappies with BAMBOO inserts $319
26 Bamboo Inserts for $130
26 Junior Nappies for $335
25 Piece Breast pad set (12 pairs and a mini bag) $59

Junior Nappy Stack
Baby Cloth Nappy Panda Koala
Bamboo Breast Pads
Toddler with Sunflower Nappy

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