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We often get asked a lot of questions about cloth nappies. So we thought we’d create this page as a quick reference for you. Of course, if you scroll through this FAQ page and discover that your question isn’t answered, then just contact us. We’ll get back to you as soon as we possibly can. We love to help with anything cloth nappy related, there are no silly questions, please ask away!

Cloth Nappy Vs Disposable Comparison
1. Is the environmental impact of Modern Cloth Nappies the same as disposables?

The greatest environmental impact that a Modern Cloth Nappy has occurs when you’re cleaning them. Detergent, water and energy is needed to wash, rinse and, in some cases, dry cloth nappies.

But, you can reduce the environmental impact that a Modern Cloth Nappy has by:

Flushing any solid waste down the toilet.
Using a phosphate-free, biodegradable detergent.
Washing liners that have not been soiled with number 2’s, and then re-using these.
Waiting to do a full-load of washing, rather than doing smaller loads.
Not using a fabric softener, when washing.
Drying your Modern Cloth nappies on a clothesline.
Using your Modern Cloth Nappy on a second child.

Disposable nappies, on the other hand, are filled with chemical compounds and they are plastic so they are not bio-degradable. The solid waste that fills these nappies is often left in the nappy when it is thrown away. These nappies then go into land fill and contaminate soil as they take hundreds, possibly thousands of years to break down. So unfortunately there is no way for you to reduce the environmental impact of these nappies at all.

2. Are Modern Cloth Nappies harder to use than disposables?

Modern Cloth Nappies and disposables are very similar to use. Once you get into a routine it all becomes second nature.

Both forms of nappy use tabs and you lay your baby down on the nappy the same way when putting the nappy on. The only real differences are instead of you having to buy new nappies as you do when you’ve used the disposables, you will simply put on a load of washing and reuse your clean Modern Cloth Nappies.

Unlike to cloth nappy from the past, Modern Cloth Nappies DON’T require soaking, pins or need any complicated folding. Simply use a fresh, clean nappy, then knock any solids into the toilet, store the nappy in a dry bucket or wet bag, and then wash. Nothing fancy is needed, just basic washing powder that doesn’t contain bleach (whiteners) or fabric softener. Just make sure you get plenty of water going through the load and you’re set.

3. How many Modern Cloth Nappies will I need for my baby?

The amount of Modern Cloth Nappies you’ll need depends on the age of your baby and on how often you want to do a wash. If you’re seeking to wash every 2nd day, then you’ll need the following:

Newborn – 25 to 35 nappies
Older babies and Toddlers – 15 to 25 nappies

4. Why are Modern Cloth Nappies so expensive to buy in comparison to disposable nappies?

The initial cost of Modern Cloth Nappies can seem expensive, but this is typically a once off cost, with the durability of the cloth being able to service the baby you bought the nappies for and possibly subsequent babies. Whereas disposable nappies are a continual weekly cost, until your baby is toilet trained. Let’s do the math.

Little Aussie Monster Modern Cloth Nappies cost approximately $12.00 each. So it will cost between $165 to $385 if you’re buying 15 to 35 nappies, depending on the age of your child and on how frequently you wish to wash. Over 2-years of use this equates to .22c to .52c per day.

Over 2-years, you will use approximately 5840 disposable nappies, or 8 nappies a day for 730-days. With disposables costing around .39c each this will cost you $2278 over the 2-years, or $3.12 per day.

We have our nappies manufactured overseas so that we can keep the prices low and help more families enjoys the benefits of cloth nappies.

5. Do cloth nappies need to be changed more often than disposables?

Yes, while Little Aussie Monster Cloth Nappies are absorbent, they have microfiber inserts, so they don’t hold quite as much moisture as a disposable nappy, which uses a chemical compound to absorb moisture.

Of course, it is highly recommended that you change your baby frequently, regardless of the type of nappy you are using. This helps you to not only keep your baby clean and fresh, but for you to also prevent your baby getting nappy rash, which can be painful and irritating.

6. What Does OSFM mean?

The abbreviation OSFM means One size fits most. The majority of the Little Aussie Monster range is OSFM, so they fit a newborn to a toddler weighing approximately 3.5 kilograms to 13 kilograms or 7.71 pounds to 28.6 pounds.

7. Will the OSFM nappy fit my baby until toilet training?

Yes, in most cases, your Little Aussie Monster Cloth OFSM Nappy will fit your baby until they are toilet trained. Sure, when your baby gets to the 8 to 9-month mark you ‘ll notice that their nappy is a little snugger than it was previously, but once your baby starts to move more you’ll discover that they’ll begin to thin-out. You may even find that you’ll have to move the snaps back to a smaller setting for a while.

However, in saying this, not all babies are the same size and shape. So, in some instances our OSFM, which are made to fit ‘most’ babies, may not fit ‘all’ babies.

8. What about the number 2’s?

Some parents elect to use an inexpensive biodegradable Bamboo Liner with their Little Aussie Monster Cloth Nappies. This biodegradable liner can then be simply picked-up and flushed, along with any waste, which is the easiest and most hygienic way of dealing with the solid waste (or not so solid sometimes :p ).

9. How do the OSFM nappies work?

Little Aussie Monster Cloth Nappies have a stay-dry fabric insert that draws-in and stores moisture. Before washing the nappy, take out the insert as this will allow you to thoroughly wash the nappy and for it to dry faster.

Please refer to the diagram (below) for more information on how to use the OFSM nappy.

Sizing and Features
10. Where are Little Aussie Monster Nappies Made?

Like most products and cloth nappies, our products are manufactured in China, this helps us to keep up with demand and keep the prices affordable. We have visited the factories and we’re happy with conditions provided to the workers. The factories that make our products also make several other big name brand cloth nappies in Australia, the US and UK.
We are a fully Australian Family Owned and operated business, we also stock many other products from other Australian businesses, some whom make their own products others that also manufacture overseas.

Our 2019 Cloth Nappy Factory Visit

If you need any more information about Little Aussie Monster Cloth Nappies or other products, simply contact us. We’re always happy to assist you to make a product selection or to answer any questions that you have.

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