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How to adjust Cloth Nappies – Fitting and Sizing Modern Cloth Nappies

Hot to fit a Modern Cloth Nappy videos below

Tips for the best cloth nappy fitting and Sizing, for One Size Fits Most (OSFM) nappies on to a baby, toddler or adult.

  • The most important fit for a cloth nappy (any nappy really) is around the legs, the elastic should be in contact with the skin all the way around.
  • Check it’s not too tight by running your finger between the nappy and their leg.  You should be able to easily do this, If not it’s too tight.
  • The waist doesn’t need to be tight, there needs to be some room for their belly when they sit up.
  • Make sure boys are pointing down to stop upward leaks.
  • Do up the hip/leg snaps first on both sides before doing up the waist.  This will ensure the legs are fitted best.
  • The nappy should be sitting just under the belly button and high enough at the back to catch soft poops.
  • For newborn or small babies the cloth nappy will need to sit much higher to get a better leg fit.
  • Cloth Nappy Fitting and Sizing will get much easier the more you do it. The pictures and videos below will also help get a great nappy fit.  However if you would like further help with fitting your baby please contact us.

Nappy Leaks

When fitting your modern cloth nappies, if you don’t have leaks and baby is comfortable then what you’re doing is perfect.  Most families will get nappy leaks at some point during their nappy years.  There are generally 2 main reasons why this can happen.

  1. The fit isn’t right; either too loose or too low, or for boys their penis is pointing in the wrong direction.  Sideways can cause a problem with cloth or disposable nappies
  2.  Absorbency; If the insert/s are fully wet when you take off the nappy and it has leaked, your baby will need more layers or to be changed for frequently.  Your child’s urine output can change day to day, so keep in mind that what goes in will come out.
Cloth Nappy Rise Snap Adjustment
Cloth Nappy Leg fit
Cloth Diaper Nappy Fit Newborn and Toddler
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Little Aussie Monster are creating new fitting and sizing videos to give you the best of our experience.  Check out our full range of videos on YouTube for more tips and tricks for cloth nappies, swimming nappies and more.

Please also let us know if you would like to see a specific topic or fit style shown in our videos.

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