Girls Incontinence Swimsuit Pink


Girls one-piece Halterneck Incontinence Swimsuit Pink

Girls one-piece Halterneck Incontinence Swimsuit Pink

Girls Incontinence Swimsuit Pink

With this flattering one-piece halterneck Girls Incontinence Swimsuit Pink, everyone can join in the fun of swimming.  A flattering style and vibrant colours will suit most body shapes and provides discrete support for incontinence.

These Girls Incontinence Swimsuit Pink are available to size 5yrs – 16yrs.  While from the outside the swimmer looks like a regular swimmer.  It actually has some very clever and discrete technology underneath.  To suit bowel incontinence and a small amount of urine incontinence.

Underneath the stylish and flattering material is a waterproof swim pant made from breathable PU coasted polyester.  With adjustable leg cuffs and waistband to ensure a snug and secure fit each time.


  • Soft Stretchy Halterneck
  • Nylon Clasps
  • Adjustable waistband and leg cuff
  • Inner pant is waterproof. Designed for bowel incontinence, but will  hold a small amount of urine incontinence with a snug fit.
  • Outer fabric 80% Polyamide 20% Elastane.  Inner: PU coated 100% polyester

Made with chlorine resistant & UVF 50+ material to handle the Australian environment.  All machine washable up to 40 degrees.  With all swimwear it’s very important to washout the chlorine soon after use to extend the life of the product.


The incontinence swim shorts needs to be a firm/snug fit to ensure it can work correctly.  There is some adjustment in the leg and waist, however it’s important to measure.  This will ensure you purchase the correct size.  Due to the type of use for these products, we are not able to accept returns.  If you are unsure on which size to choose, please contact us.

Age range is a guide only, please measure your child to find the correct size for their body size.


Size / Dimension Height Chest Lower Waist Upper Leg
3-4 Years 104 cm 57 cm 44-56 cm 28-35 cm
5-6 Years 116 cm 61 cm 46-60 cm 29-39 cm
7-8 Years 128 cm 66 cm 48-64 cm 33-43 cm
9-10 Years 140 cm 72 cm 50-66 cm 37-47 cm
11-12 Years 152 cm 79 cm 52-68 cm 41-51 cm
13-14 Years 164 cm 84 cm 54-70 cm 44-54 cm
15-16 Years 168 cm 91 cm 56-74 cm 47-57 cm

You or someone your care for, may be eligible for the Continence Aids Payment Scheme. If you’re 5 years of age or older and have permanent and severe loss of bladder or bowel function. Click this link to check if this payment might apply to your situation.


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