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July 2019 – Mini Monster

Written By: Jacqueline Damen
You’ve got one kid on your hip, and one toddling behind very slowly. At least she is kindly pulling along her dinosaur bag with the wheels on the bottom. You somehow lock the car and punch in the gate code as the baby’s bag slips off your shoulder, hitting the two buckets you have over the wrist that’s not straining to hold your baby. “Please learn to walk soon, mate,” you whisper to your 10 month old.

You’re a Cloth Daycare Mum and you’re committed. There’s only a few of you, but you think you might be increasing in number. Sometimes you make eye contact over your babies, buckets and bags and share a raised eyebrow and smile in solidarity only because you have no hands free for a fist bump.

The best advice we can give when it comes to sending cloth nappies to daycare with your child, is to communicate with the centre. Find out what they physically need, and what they need to know. With daycare nappies, ensure your washing routine is adequate: if your child’s nappies are enclosed in a lidded bucket or zipped up wet bag for 8 hours, they may need to be chucked in for a warm prewash as soon as you get home. Especially with teething or toddler wee, with limited air flow all day, ammonia build up is a risk. Some daycare educators will be well experienced with cloth, others will find it completely new. Don’t be afraid to offer to show them how to fit a nappy on your child, or type up some instructions for your child’s carers to ensure your commitment to daycare cloth is stress free for all concerned.

If your centre needs more help with using or fitting a cloth nappy you can send them to the link below.  The videos show how to fit them onto smaller and larger babies, the pictures can be printed and placed in the nappy change area too ? Nappy Childcare








July 2019 – We WON!!

Written By: Ann Granger – Founder of Little Aussie Monster
OMG!!! We won the Cairns Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence awards (BEX Awards) for customer service.  It was such an honour to be selected as the 2019 winner, I’m still recovering from the high of the awards night.

With such a strong group of finalists, I was truly humbled to just be a finalist and never thought we would win. Although the hope was there and knowing how much awards like these can grow a business, I sat with a glimmer of the possibility of winning and how great it would be.

Once they began reading out the description of the finalist, I began to listen with anticipation.  But then thought wow this business is doing wonderful things, it’s not me and I mention to my friend who I think has won it.  I then sat back and relaxed a little ready to cheer on this wonderful business.

Well then, I heard… ‘The Maxima Joblink Customer Service Retail winner is… Little Aussie Monster!’ I was absolutely shocked and excited.  Then the nerves kicked in as I got up to accept the award and present a speech.  I had my ‘be confident, you can do it’ mantra going in my head as I headed up to the stage.

Not expecting to win, I didn’t have planned speech ready, however I think I covered it just enough. While my heart was almost jumping out of my chest with nerves, I thanked all my wonderful customers who help make what we do so much fun and enjoyable, my husband and wonderful mother in-law, the Chamber of Commerce and the awards sponsor Maxima Joblink.  The speech was short and to the point as other explained to me after, the short speech was well received.  Just like me, short and to the point ?

I believe this year’s speech was much better than last year and are improving each time. However, I think I do better with on the spot and less reading off a prepared speech.

But wow, when I caught my breath and then started to think about the things said about our winning business.  I was thinking yes, that is correct we have expanded and taken on our customers’ needs in such a positive way.  Sometimes when you’re in the middle of a business and the everyday running you really do sometimes forget about the good things that you’re doing and that are happening.

The BEX awards was a wonderful way to reflect and acknowledge what we do and how far we have grown.  Especially since winning the 2018 BEX awards for Environmental and Sustainability we have seen a large amount of growth.  I started off working from home and the back of my car, to now a shop front on a busy main road in Cairns.

So to those that have read this far, thank you.  And if you’re also running a business, take the time to reflect on your business and what you’ve achieved, you might be quite surprised by the findings.
Cairns Awards Winner








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