May 2019 – Mini Monster Tips

Caitlin is a mother of 2 little rugrats, Darcy who is 2 turning 3 in December and fully toilet trained and a little one, Tahlia who is turning the big one in June!

They live in Canberra and have 2 cats, 2 bunnies and a pet chook.

Caitlin and her partner chose to change Tahlia from disposable nappies to cloth nappies for many reasons, such as the cost, the environment but most importantly their daughters health. Tahlia suffers from severe eczema and with seemingly constantly inflammation and seeping. She is on medication to stop her skin from becoming infected.

Tahlia has been in cloth nappies for since ordering from Little Aussie Monster, after shopping around and finding companies that charge nearly $40 for just the shell. We are over the moon with the cloth nappies from Little Aussie Monster and Tahlia skin is already benefiting and not looking so inflamed and angry. Tahlia would wake up in the morning with a red angry looking mark around her waist from being in a disposable nappy for so long.  I am hoping her skin continues to settle down and the cloth nappies being washed in her special washing powder is going to be so much nicer on her skin.

So far I am seeing a result and I honestly believe it is from switching to Little Aussie Monster cloth nappies.  ‘I love the fact that the liner inserts don’t touch bub, and the material of your nappies is just Devine’, Caitlin said.

‘I want to say a huge thank you for sending my order so promptly, it arrived to Canberra within a week’, said a very grateful Caitlin.

May 2019 Eco Corner – Not Zero? Still a Hero!

Written By: Jacqueline Damen
We know you’ve seen those Zero Waste people. With their tiny jars of “waste from the last five years”, holding a couple of plastic bread tags, a straw they didn’t refuse in time and a strip of plastic from a parcel bag. They are Landfill Heroes. They are. But we just wanted to reassure you that even if you are not a Zero Waster, you are still a Landfill Hero.

Why? Because you are trying your darndest to use cloth nappies 24/7. And that is pretty amazing.

Every day over 5 million nappies make their way to landfill in Australia, so every time you put a cloth nappy on your child, you are helping reduce our country’s carbon emissions and saving the planet from a 500 year decomposition burden. But it’s not always easy. We see you – trying night nappy combination after night nappy combination, hurriedly prepping nappies for the childcare bag, washing and stuffing nappy inserts into the wee hours of the morning. We see you, cloth mums and dads, working hard to reduce your household waste.

You might not be at the point of bamboo toothbrushes and beeswax wraps, and you might not be baking your own bread and Thermomixing your own pesto, but that’s okay. It’s okay if you only use cloth part time – maybe just on weekends or just a few changes here and there. Every time you reach for cloth, not disposable, you are making a difference.

And when you wheel your rubbish bin out to the kerb and it’s not overflowing with disposable nappies (one year could be up to 300 kilograms!) make sure you pump your fist and give yourself a pat on the back – because even if your household waste is not down to Zero – we still think you are a Landfill Hero.

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