Bamboo Baby Nappy Liners


Disposable Bamboo Cloth Nappy Liners (100 sheets per roll)

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Disposable Bamboo Cloth Nappy Liners (100 sheets per roll)

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from 3 pcs.from 6 pcs.
$12.00 $10.80$12.00 $9.60

Disposable Bamboo Nappy Liners for Modern Cloth Nappy

Many parents turn to cloth nappies because they don’t like the idea of throwing away two – three years’ worth of nappies before the child is toilet trained.  Using Bamboo Nappy Liners, makes using cloth nappies so much easier with less time spent cleaning poo off nappies.

Using a liner is also recommended when using rash creams like Sudocream and bepanthen, as this style of cream will create a barrier on the nappy that can be difficult to wash out.  We recommend using Coconut oil on baby’s bottom if they have nappy rash, and a little Corn Flour to help keep skin folds dry.  These are great natural alternatives and work well with Modern Cloth Nappies.

How to use

Simply place a sheet on top of the nappy, so it sits next to baby’s bottom, then when soiled, remove the liner from the nappy.  Hold the liner inside the toilet and flush (while still holding it) to remove the poo.  Then place the liner into the bin.  If you accidentally flush the liner it will be ok for most new houses.  However it’s not something that should go into a septic system.

Ones that have only been wet (no poo) can be re-used, rinse them out under the tap or a quick rinse in a tub of water then hang out to dry.

The liners can be cut, folded or pulled slightly to fit any sized nappy.  The liners are especially great for when babies start solids or are on formula, when it all changes!

Being biodegradable and compostable, you are also doing your part for the environment. The all-natural bamboo fibres are perfect on bub’s sensitive skin.

Our liners are 100% Bamboo, fragrance & chemical free, biodegradable and anti-bacterial.  The measure 14cmx 28cm to fit most modern cloth nappies.  There are 100 Sheets on each roll.

Flushing disposable bamboo nappy liners.

From our research and understanding, there is currently no scientific research available which shows any evidence that flushable nappy liners impact on the environment or waste management systems any more or less than other products marketed as ‘flushable’.  Including wet wipes, tissues or thick ply toilet paper.

Australia currently has no state or national flushability standards available to conduct further testing.  The Australian Nappy Association advises that their over riding opinion is that flushing bamboo biodegradable nappy liners make up a tiny percentage of flushable waste captured in the extremely efficient ‘rag systems’ within the sewage processing facilities across Australia.

We know that using these liners make using cloth nappies easier and more users can then sustain the use of reusable nappies for longer or until nappies are no longer needed.  So with the current information available we recommend that users only flush liners that have poo on them, and place only one into the toilet at a time.

Liners that have only wee on them can be gently washed/rinsed out, dried and reused.  These ones should be placed into the bin once you’re finished with them.  Or to reduce your waste more, these can be composted

Biodegradable baby wipes

The liners can also be used as eco friendly wet wipes.  Just cut the liners to the size you need (or leave as is).  Place the liners into water and use as needed, add a little essential oil like Lavender & Chamomile for a natural preservative to allow the wipes to stay wet for 2-3 days.  Or just wet them as you need.

Note:  Bamboo liners are not suitable for septic toilet systems.  If you have a septic toilet system, discard poo in the toilet, then dispose of liner in rubbish.  Never place faeces in rubbish or compost bins.  Wet liners may be composted rather than flushed


Features14cm wide and 28cm long
100 sheets on each roll
100% Bamboo Vicous
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