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When will your Newborn fit OSFM Nappies?

When a OSFM (One Size Fits Most) nappy will fit a newborn is dependent on the size that they are born and where their weight sits.  Some babies are born with enough chub on their legs to start using cloth nappies from the beginning.  Others are a little small to start and will take a few weeks or months to grow into them.

Premature or multiple birth babies tend to start off smaller and can take longer to fit OSFM nappies.  Whereas most full-term single birth babies tent to fit much sooner after birth.  How quickly your baby gains weight after birth will have the largest influence on the time needed to fit them.

Once your Newborn fit OSFM Nappies, it will look big on them.  Just like most things do, however they are still a trimmer fit than the old school terry nappies that parents used before disposables & MCN’s (Modern Cloth Nappy) came around.

Generally OSFM nappies will fit once baby reaches approx. 3.5kg.

However that depends on where their weight sits.  It’s best to just try every few days or once a week.  The best time to try on nappies is after baby has had a feed and is ‘milk drunk’.  During this time they are much easier to work with and try on nappies, clothes or take cute newborn photos.

You will have the best results and less leaks, when the nappy goes around the legs and is in contact with the skin all the way around.  If there are any gaps around the legs, it will be more prone to leaks.  Sometimes to get a better leg fit, the nappy needs to sit higher on baby.  Most small babies need the nappy sitting well above the belly button for a good fit.

Don’t stress too much if you use disposables for the first few weeks or months or baby’s life. Even by using just a few cloth nappies a day will help to make huge savings environmentally and financially over the 2-3 years your baby will be wearing nappies.

If you’re reading this than you’re on the right path to make some wonderful changes that will have a positive impact on your whole family’s life now and in the future.

This video will also help to show how to put a cloth nappy onto a newborn sized baby.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any help with fitting or washing your cloth nappies.

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