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Bee & Flowers Print Newborn Prem sized cloth nappy, is an extra small nappy suited to newborn or premature babies weighing between 2.5kg and 5.5kg (approx.)

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Bee & Flowers Print Newborn Prem sized cloth nappy, is an extra small nappy suited to newborn or premature babies weighing between 2.5kg and 5.5kg (approx.)

Newborn Prem Bee & Flowers Cloth Nappies

This Newborn Prem Bee & Flowers print sized cloth nappy, is an extra small nappy suited to newborn or premature babies weighing between 2.5kg and 5.5kg (approx.)  The weight range is very approximate, it will all depend on where their weight sits.  Nappies need a good leg seal to stop leaks, most babies are born with enough fat around their legs to fit this size nappy from birth.  Others may need a few weeks to grow into them, depending on their size at the birth and how quickly they gain the weight.

More about Newborn Premmie Cloth Nappies

They are smaller in the crotch than the standard one size fits most (OSFM) nappies, they can provide a better fit for smaller babies until they grow into the larger nappies.  Each nappy has a 4 layer insert sewn in, consisting of 2 layers microfiber & 2 layers bamboo.  Because these nappies are so small, it’s too difficult to place an insert into the pocket.  The 4 layers of built in absorbency will suit most newborn nappies and provide enough absorbency for 2 hour changes.

If you baby starts to out wet the nappy too soon, check their size and weight, they may be ready for the standard OSFM nappies. Which start fitting from approx 3.5kg.


  • Rise adjustment – to change the height of the nappy.   Join the top row to the bottom for the smallest setting, adjusting the rise snaps will also make the leg hole smaller.
  • Beautifully soft stay dry charcoal micro fleece inner layer (against bubs skin).  Moisture passes through this layer to the insert underneath which holds the fluids/wee.
  • Charcoal coloured lining to help with meconium & newborn baby poop
  • Sewn in 4 layers of absorbency (2 layers Microfiber, 2 layers bamboo)
  • Waterproof PUL outer layer which is soft and breathable.  It keeps moisture in, but also allows babies skin to breath to help reduce nappy rash.
  • Velcro waist tabs – while baby is small and won’t try and remove the nappy.  These newborn prem nappies have velcro tabs to secure the waist and to easily find the right fit your babies shape. The velcro is soft and provides a secure fit for the nappy
  • Velcro tabs located inside the nappy to attach for washing to help keep the velcro clear.

Newborn Prem Washing Velcro Tab


Modern cloth nappies do NOT need Pins, folding or soaking!  Help your family save money and reduce your environmental impact now, by using our Modern Cloth Nappies.  Modern cloth nappies are also super easy to wash.

Washing Newborn Prem Bee & Flowers Nappies

  • Knock off solids (breastfed poop can stay there)
  • Stack them in a basket – something with plenty of ventilation works best
  • At the end of the day or the next morning, put just the cloth nappies into the machine for a 30 minute wash with detergent
  • After the short wash, they go through another long wash 2+ hours.  This long wash can be done with the family washing on the same day or the next.
  • Hang them out to dry and reuse

Cloth nappies don’t take much extra time at all, let you washing machine do the work.  For full details on washing and handling the different stages of poop, visit out washing blog.


About us

Little Aussie Monster was started because we wanted to help more families use Modern Cloth Nappies.  So we do our best to keep costs low with our small family run business, by doing as much of the work ourselves.  We also rely on word of mouth to help grow our business and pride ourselves on providing quick and friendly customer service and advice.  So please tell your friends how great our nappies are and tag us on Facebook or Instagram, we would love to see your gorgeous baby in a cloth nappy.

FeaturesSuitable for Newborn or Premature Babies
From 2.5kg - 5kg Approx
All in one
Sewn in 4 layer insert - 2 Layers Microfiber & 2 Layers Bamboo
Velcro waist
Washing tabs to secure velcro during the washing
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