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How to tell if a modern cloth nappy is fitted well?

It can be a little confusing when you first start using modern cloth nappies.  You are just getting used to a new routine with washing and preparing the nappies.  Trying to work out the best way to put on and take off the nappies, it can all be daunting.   Knowing how to tell if the cloth nappy fit is right, will help reduce leaks and speed up changes.

A guide to a well fitted cloth nappy:

  • The front and back of the nappy will be sitting close to the belly button. When baby is smaller and closer to newborn size, the nappy will fit better when it’s positioned above the belly button.  As they get older & taller the nappy will move down to below their belly button.
  • The legs are the most important fit, when this is in the right position it will help keep liquids and solids contained.
  • The leg elastics will be sitting in the groin where underwear sits. Sometimes you will need to move a leg roll to find the best position.  The nappy shouldn’t be sitting around inner thigh.
  • When you lift baby’s leg, the nappy should be in contact with their skin. However it doesn’t need to be tight.  You should be able to comfortably run your finger between the leg elastic and the leg.  If you can see a gap around the legs, then you have a good chance of getting leaks.
  • Minor red marks are normal, they should be similar to what baby gets when wearing socks or pants. Deep red marks that look painful and take a long time to go away are not normal.  Try loosening the nappy if there aren’t any gaps when you lift their leg it’s right.
  • The waist doesn’t need to be tight or in contact with their belly. Make sure you have some space there for when baby sits up and the belly comes forward.  The back elastic will still be in contact with their skin.
  • When looking at back there shouldn’t be a ‘muffin top’ if there is, just gently lift the nappy up a little higher.

The best judgement

Is the results, if baby is comfortable and there aren’t leaks then the cloth nappy fit is perfect for your baby.  Keep doing what you’re doing and don’t change a thing, until you need to ?

Need a visual guide?

We also have images on the site with the cloth nappy fit guide and we are also available to help with any specific questions that you may have.  Please contact us if you have any questions.

Watch our cloth nappy fitting video below, to see these tips on a real baby.

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