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Lego Bricks Cloth Pull Up Training Pants


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New Style Lego Bricks Training Pants:

Our Lego Bricks cloth training pants design are an essential item when starting potty training. Made with built in super absorbent layers, consisting of 2  bamboo layers & 2 microfiber layers, plus a bamboo terry top layer to go against the skin and a PUL waterproof outer layer.  The soft bamboo terry material that sits against the skin will allow your child feel wet and help them recognise when they’ve done a wee.

Cloth training pants will help if you have carpet or need to go out while there are still some accidents.  Because they have a waterproof PUL layer, they keep the liquid in so you don’t need to wipe up puddles, they are the perfect starting point for toilet training.

They make a perfect first step from nappies into proper pants. With an elastic waist, they can be pulled up and down like regular underwear.

These cloth training pants have adjustable waist and hip snaps plus adjustable rise snaps (height of the nappy).  These pants will adjust to suit an approx. waist of 36cm to 55cm. Or a very rough weight range of 12kg – 18kg.

The pull up style design helps to promote independence and a sense of accomplishment for toddlers.  They can practice pulling pants up and down when ready to use the toilet. Your toddler will recognise the Lego Bricks training pant as their “big kid pants” and be happy to wear them instead of a nappy.

Lego Bricks Training Pants Absorbency

The sewn in absorbent pad has 2 layers of microfiber for quick absorption and 2 layers of bamboo to hold the liquid.  These additional absorbency layers will help with those little accidents.

How they will help with toilet training

Using the Lego Bricks cloth training pant allows your toddler to use the toilet or potty by themselves giving them that feeling of  pride in an accomplishment.  Plus these training pants can help your child feel wet and recognise when they have done a wee.


  • Elastic waist – to easy pull up and down
  • Elastic legs for a better fit and containment of any solid waste accidents
  • Adjustable side snaps – for easy removal when needed for poo clean ups
  • Bamboo terry lining – so they feel the wetness
  • Multi size – will fit a waist from 36cm to 55cm
  • Built in absorbency
  • Pocket to increase absorbency if needed

Our Lego Bricks Cloth Training Pants may be suitable for nights, depending your child’s overnight output.   Featuring a pocket so the absorbency can be boosted.  A Bamboo insert would suit best, as they are more absorbent and softer to fit into the smaller crotch.

If you would like to make cleaning poo off easier than you may want to use Bamboo Flushable liners.  These are placed on top of the pants to catch the solid wastes.  When dirty the liner along with any poo can be disposed off.  If the poo doesn’t fall off the liner, hold it in the toilet than flush, then place the liner into the bin.

Read our blog for more information and tips on toilet training

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Weight .125 kg

Adjustable Size
Will Suit Children from 12kg – 18kg approx.
Waist of 36cm – 55cm approx.
Built in absorbent pad
Pocket to increase absorbency
Hip & waist snaps


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