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Mini Monsters – Christmas
Eco Corner – Stepping Lightly

October 2019 – Christmas

Written By: Ann Granger – Founder of Little Aussie Monster

Christmas Cloth Nappy
Christmas is fast approaching. Have you got your little one’s Christmas outfit picked out or do you have a friend expecting a new baby at Christmas.  This year’s Christmas prints will help to add that extra fun to your family celebrations and photos.  With limited numbers you’ll need to be quick as once they have sold out there won’t be any more Christmas nappies until next year.
Using cloth nappies during our hot Christmas is also perfect timing, baby can wear just a nappy and shirt or singlet and still look dressed.  Although it’s a Christmas print, it’s still a nappy that you can use all year round.  Probably just not one that you will show off as much until it’s Christmas or when you celebrate Christmas in July :)
If you’re travelling or want to take a break from cloth nappies over Christmas you can also use the shells as a cover over disposables.  Then you won’t have to miss out on seeing your cute nappies when they’re not being used as a reusable nappy.
We’re looking forward to seeing all the cute Christmas bum’s being shown off over the next few months. Wishing you all an easy lead up to Christmas and hope you have time to relax and enjoy some wonderful family time together.
Try not to stress to much this Christmas, even if it’s your first family Christmas with a new baby.  Your little ones won’t remember the small things that you might forget or can’t afford, like the large tree, extra decorations, lollies or toys you wanted to purchase.  But they will remember the games played and fun had with you, family and friends.
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September 2019 – Eco Corner

Stepping Lightly
Written By: Jacqueline Damen
mum holding baby

The drastic need for the world to reduce human impact on the environment has never been more topical than right now: with millions of people marching in the streets demanding climate action. Although your reasons for using cloth might have been budget related (or cute prints related), you must have noticed the reduced amount of waste going into your household bin, and you can rightly consider yourself some sort of eco-warrior.
However, it can sometimes feel that sections of the media providing commentary on whether disposables or cloth nappies are better for the world, like to give props to the single use throw away kind. Their arguments may include: that cloth nappies take as long to break down as a disposable; that it takes as much energy and resources to produce them; and that the water usage to clean them is comparable to the landfill burden that single use nappies create.
In our modern world, most people would agree that there is a place for disposable nappies. (And we must acknowledge that with drought affecting many regions of the country, some cloth nappy users are finding it hard to keep their stash going when significant water shortages abound.) Yes, modern cloth will take a long time to break down – but you might be adding thirty to landfill, rather than three thousand. Using your nappies on a subsequent child and line drying rather than machine drying are easy ways to ensure that you are choosing the road of minimal impact. Washing according to our guidelines will also help you get the most out of your modern cloth, and overall you can rest assured that you’ve made the more environmentally beneficial choice by putting cloth on your baby’s bottom – made once and used countless times, rather than a single use disposable nappy – made, used once, and thrown away.

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