Shop our range for swimming and outdoor adventures

Whether it’s a summer swim or a winter adventure, our swimming and outdoor range will have you kitted out properly. Our range of swim nappies, swimmers, kids sunglasses and more are the best way to prepare for the outdoor seasons. Our Little Aussie Monster swim nappies are designed to take the stress out of swimming and getting in the water. A comfortable fit, in a huge range of designs, there is a Little Aussie Monster swimming nappy for every bub.

Worried about the sun or UV rays? Check out our range of kids fishing shirts, the best way to protect your little one from the sun. Our fishing shirts have a pop collar, long sleeves and offer maximum protection. They also pair perfectly with our swim nappy collection.

Chasing the perfect companion to those swim nappies? Check out our range of wet bags now! Wet bags are the best way to transport those soggy swimmers.

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