The Gift of Reusables

Christmas Nappies

Written By: Jacqueline Damen

As a cloth nappy user, it can come as a surprise to find that people close to you are completely oblivious to reusable options for commonly used items. They might be using disposable wipes, single use sanitary items or even disposable change mats.

It might actually astound you that your friends are using single use swim nappies on their children, and astonish you more to find that they are just unaware that reusable swim nappies exist! And whilst we all know the feeling of not wanting to push those around us into adopting our own environmentally conscious lifestyle choices, Christmas could be a perfect time to gift some handy reusable products.

Whilst not all your parent friends will be willing to dive in to something like cloth nappies, items that are practical and convenient might be something they would be willing to give a go. Large wetbags are perfect gifts for friends who frequent the beach for storing their wet clothes and towels, and mini wetbags are perfect as a small makeup pouch or for holding reusable pads when out and about.

Cloth wipe kits that can easily be taken in the nappy bag are another fantastic gift idea, or what about a change mat and a single nappy or training pants in matching prints? Introducing friends or family to convenient reusable items like these are not only a unique gift but one that promises to save them money, and make them feel good about lowering their impact on the environment.

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