Toddler Swim Nappy Rainbow Scales


Washable reusable toddler swimming nappy

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Washable reusable toddler swimming nappy

Toddler Swim Nappy Rainbow Scales

The Toddler Swim Nappy Rainbow Scales is a reusable swim nappy that is larger than our baby range.  Suitable for larger babies to toddlers.  A washable toddler swim nappy that will fit from an approx waist measurement of 30cm – 64cm (very approx weight range 9kg to 18kg).  Using a waist measurement will be the best way to check correct sizing.

A reusable washable swim nappy is very convenient & easy to use.  One nappy can be used for years with an easy to adjust size system.  The rise (height of the nappy) can be changed by adjusting the front snaps.  The waist and legs are easily adjusted with the multiple snap options on the side.  These nappies will fit the average 10-12 month old to an average 3-4 year old.

Toddler swim nappies also make a great gift, as it’s something the child won’t outgrow for a long time.  It is a very useful & cute gift for the family.

Using washable swim nappies will mean no more disposable swim nappies which get very expensive (at nearly $1 each!).  All you need is this reusable swim nappy, no inserts or other nappies are needed.  Just pop the nappy onto your bub and make sure the swim nappy is a snug fit around the waist and the legs.

How to use

The middle section of 9 snaps are used to adjust the nappy so it sits correctly and tight enough around the legs and waist.  Once you have found the best fit your child, you don’t need to undo the snaps again until you need to change size as they grow.

Flush any solids and machine wash in cold or warm water after each use and you’re ready to go again. – avoid soaking in bleach including napisan.

Junior Swim Nappies Feature

Side & front snaps for adjusting sizes, a mesh inner to hold solid (and not so solid) messes. They also have soft leg elastic and waist binding for a snug fit which helps to contain the contents in the swim nappy and out of pool water.

Cloth swimming nappies are not designed to hold in urine, this is the same for disposable swim nappies too.  Ensure the leg and waist are a good snug (but not over tight) fit to ensure soft/runny poos are kept inside.  The legs and waist can be adjusted separately to help fit many different shapes and sizes.

Hot tip:

Once finished swimming, check the swim nappy from the top, not the side.  This will stop any surprises from coming out the side when checking!

You might also like to look at Wet Bags, these are great bags for damp swimmers, clothes and towels.  They can also be used for dirty nappies or wet clothes when toilet training.

FeaturesOSFM fits from 6kg - 17kg
Machine washable, best line dried
No inserts required, only catches solids
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