Turning the Tide on Daycare Plastic

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It’s a frustrating occurrence: you open your child’s daycare bag and find wet or dirty clothes tied up in a single use plastic bag. Childcare Centres generally have policies that govern how soiled and wet clothes are handled and so sometimes you might find numerous items, in numerous plastic bags!

For those parents no longer sending cloth nappies to Childcare, the addition of a wetbag to your child’s school bag is a way to avoid single use plastic coming home. For toilet training kids they can contain wet and soiled clothes after accidents, and for children of all sizes, they are useful after a day of painting or water play.

Wetbags come in a variety of sizes as most cloth nappy users will know; and whilst large bags are often used for the whole nappy stash, sometimes your Childcare Centre will ask for smaller wetbags for individual soiled nappies. Introducing the use of wetbags is a significant way that your Childcare Centre could be proactive in lessening waste.

You can imagine each day the amount of single use plastic bags heading to landfill unnecessarily – maybe your Centre would be interested in either supplying a wetbag for each child or encouraging parents to buy their own. As always, the best option is to communicate with your Childcare Centre – they may be unaware that throwing some soiled or wet clothing into your nappy wetbag is fine with you, or you might find that their actions are governed by a policy you are not aware of (these can be questioned and changed).

If your Centre would like to switch to using wetbags, we also offer a range of wholesale options to help make the switch more affordable.

you can also point them towards the free Cloth in Childcare Ambassador Pack available from the Australian Nappy Association which is a great starting point for Childcare Centres considering transferring to cloth.

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