Cheeky Wipes Mini Kit


Reusable Cloth Wipes Set

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Reusable Cloth Wipes Set

Cheeky Wipes Mini Kit

This washable cheeky wipes cloth wipes mini kit is beautifully designed and has everything that you will need to easily use cloth wipes at home and while out and about.  It’s best suited to those also using modern cloth nappies.

This well designed kit has everything that you’ll need to easily use cloth wipes at home and while out and about.  This cloth wipes mini kit is perfect when using Modern Cloth Nappies. As you can just put the dirty wipes in with the nappies, for both washing and storing.

No more worrying about those harsh chemicals on your baby’s skin (or your skin).  Cheeky wipes are a natural and hassle free way to do your bit for the environment and save you hundreds.

This kit contains:

– 25 – Lovely soft white terry cotton cloth wipes.
– A Pink Fresh wipes container – with easy single handed open/close clip
– Waterproof fresh wipes bag for out and about
– Waterproof muck wipes mesh bag for out and about
– 10 ml bottle of Fresh Baby Wipes Essential Oil Blend – Lavender & Chamomile

Perfect for cleaning mucky babies at nappy change times – Brilliant for cleaning poo!  Cloth wipes are so much more efficient at cleaning the bottom surface as it picks up the poop.  Whereas disposable wipes can just shift it around.

Cleaning is a breeze, breastfed poo washes out in the machine.  When you’re working with formula or real food poo, we found it much easier to use some toilet paper first to clear away the bulk of the mess, later you can then use that toilet paper to push the poo in the toilet.  Once the bulk of the poo is removed, then use a cloth wipe to clean off the remaining poo from the skin, leaving it sparkly clean.

Who knows you might enjoy using cloth wipes on your baby or toddler you’ll switch to cloth wipes for the family too?

PLEASE CONTACT US if you’re Cairns and would like to pick up or if would like to add this kit to a nappy package for a discounted price.


FeaturesFlat, stackable lids and air-tight seal to keep your wipes fresher for longer
Single-clip lid means easy one-handed opening and closing
Fill water levels on both boxes
Machine washable

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