Factory Seconds Microfiber Inserts 6 Pack


Inserts for Modern Cloth Nappies

Inserts for Modern Cloth Nappies

6 Pack Factory Seconds Microfiber Inserts/Boosters for Pocket Modern Cloth Nappies

These Factory Second inserts have some factory marks or are extra thick. Most marks will come off with first wash.

You will receive a random selected pack.


Add extra Microfiber Inserts to increase absorbency for nap times or for heavier wetters.  The generous nappy pockets will easily hold 2 or 3 inserts.

If you have cold or wet weather, having extra Inserts available are great option so you will always have a clean dry nappy ready for baby.  On a good warm dry day the inserts can take 3-4 hours to dry, on a wet day they can take up to 6 hours inside under fan.

Made of 3 layers of ultra absorbent microfiber, they are more absorbent than regular flannel and they dry much faster.  These inserts are easy to use, to wash and are very soft.

Benefits of microfiber

Microfiber absorbs quickly and dries quickly.  Many babies can use the nappies with just 1 microfiber with 2 hours between changes.  Others will need 2 inserts inside the pocket for 2 hour changes.

Microfiber is a great option for the early newborn stage when you will be going through more nappies per day and need something that is quick to dry.

Boosting absorbency

Microfiber Inserts can also be used with Bamboo inserts to increase absorbency even further.  Place both inserts inside the nappy pocket together to boost absorbency.  We recommend putting the microfiber closest to baby as it absorbs quicker.  The Bamboo insert will than hold onto moisture and help prevent leaks.

These inserts can be used in most brands of OSFM Pocket Modern Cloth Nappies.

It is recommend that microfiber inserts ALWAYS be placed inside the nappy pocket.  Because Microfiber draws moisture away and when against the skin it may cause irritation.


FeaturesDimensions: 14cm wide and 34cm long approx
Suitable for use in most pocket nappy brands
Machine washable and can be dried in the dryer
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