Are you experiencing light bladder leaks from coughing, sneezing, or even running?

There are over 4 million Australian’s with incontinence, so you’re not alone.  Washable Incontinence Products will help with comfort, save money and the environment.

We have reusable cloth products available that can help manage this condition in a more environmentally friendly way. Cloth products are also kinder on the skin and are available in many different colours and patterns.

The right product for you will depend on your needs. Washable incontinence products work very similar compared to disposable products, however yes they are not quite as absorbent yet, but will still suit most small bladder leaks. The great part to using washable incontinence products is that it can reduce waste, increased comfort and can be more discrete. Have you been into a bathroom stall trying to change a pad quietly. OMG the disposables can be so noisy in a quite bathroom with the sound of it being removed to the rustling of the packet being opened. Reusable pads are super quite going on and coming off, it just sounds like you’re doing up a button.

Light bladder leaks

If it’s only a small bladder release from coughing, sneezing or running than a reusable sanitary pad will most likely suit. These pads may also suit if you experience urge incontinence and find it difficult to make to it to the toilet in time and have a small bladder release before getting to the toilet.Eco Incontinence Pad Dragonflies

Full bladder release

If the you experience larger bladder releases our washable adult nappies may be suitable. These will also adjust a lot in size, they can size down to suit an average 6 year old and out to an adult with a 110cm waist. These reusable adult nappies will suit a wide range of shapes and sizes. Also suitable for older children or teenagers, they can grow with them as needed.
Blue Adult Cloth DiaperOur range of Incontinence products are from our partner business Eco Incontinence.  You can purchase from us, or if you would prefer to purchase from a less ‘baby’ store Eco Incontinence is the best option.

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