Are you wasting money and creating more landfill each time baby goes in the water?

On average a baby will only spend 15-30mins in the water before getting cold and hoping out.  That is how long that one disposable nappy is only worn for before it is thrown away.

Washable Swim Nappies




Using these washable swim nappies will mean no more disposable swim nappies which get very expensive (at nearly $1 each!).  All you need is the swim nappy, no inserts or other nappies are needed. Just pop this onto your bub and make sure the swim nappy is a snug fit everywhere.

A reusable swim nappy is very convenient & easy to use. One nappy can be used from baby (approx 6kg) to Toddler (approx 17kg). These nappies will fit the average 3-4 month old to an average 2-3 year old.

Swim nappies make a great baby shower gift as it’s something that baby won’t outgrow for a long time and very useful gift for the family.

They are easy to wash and reuse, just flush any solids that may be in the nappy (breastfed poop is water soluble, it can go straight into the machine if you’d like).  Then you can wash the nappy with the rest of the swimming clothes, or just give it a thorough rinse to remove any chlorine.

Even if you just choose to use reusable swim nappies on your baby, it will still make a difference to the environment and your savings.  2 years of just swimming lessons will still use 96 nappies (1 lesson a week for 24 months) or more if baby does a poop in the clean nappy just before getting into the water.  Not to mention the home/friends pools, water parks, ocean, river and creek swims that happen too.

See our full range of swim nappies here

Washable swimming nappy toddler

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