Bamboo Minky Deer Breast Pad


Bamboo Washable Cloth Nursing Pads.

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Bamboo Washable Cloth Nursing Pads.

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from 3 pcs.from 6 pcs.
$5.50 $5.25$5.50 $5.00

Bamboo Minky Deer Breast Pad/Nursing Pad

These quality absorbent Bamboo Minky Deer Breast Pad consists of, a super absorbent bamboo layer against the skin. Plus a quick absorbing microfiber layer in the middle then a waterproof PUL outer fabric to keep clothes dry.

To ensure full breast coverage and enough absorbency, each pad measures approx 12.5cm in diameter.  Our reusable bamboo breast pads have a similar shape to disposable pads and contour to the shape of your breast.

Measuring at approx. 12.5cm in diameter, there is plenty of pad to absorb the leaking milk during let down or day to day leaks.

Bamboo has naturally antibacterial properties and is great against sensitive nipples and skin.
Easy to clean, machine washable and line dry.  Wash with regular detergent and no fabric softeners because it can reduce absorbency.

Purchasing a reusable nursing pad pack will save you money and will save waste from landfill.  Because an average breastfeeding woman may need to change the pads 2-5 times a day, depending on leaks.  It’s most important to keep the skin clean and fresh this will help to reduce the chance of infection and thrush.

Choose from a range of fun and colourful prints and colours to help you feel better.  Using pretty breast pads can help put a smile on your face.  In addition, a nursing pad package will give you more pads to use before washing and save your family money.

Reusable Nursing Pad Bonus:

However, if you have finished breastfeeding doesn’t mean they get thrown out. Best of all you can keep using them. They can be used as Makeup remover pads, just use a little water or your favourite cleanser. Some families also use them as drink coasters too!  Plus there are many other uses these breast can have after you’ve finished breastfeeding.  We’d love to see what you do with yours.  Tag us on social media to help share the love of reusable options.

Why choose cloth breast pads for mum:

1. Save hundreds
2. Better on the Environment – because disposables are very wasteful and take years to decompose
3. Chemical free, more comfortable and better for your skin
4. Fashionable – Choose designs to match your personality and to brighten up your day.  And if they are seen in your bag they look great.

We can mix and match designs in this Reusable Nursing Pad Pack, just send us a message with the designs you would like.

Care & Washing:

  • Rinse as soon as you can after use. Because prolonged sitting with breast milk on the fabric can grow mould.
  • Machine wash in cold or warm water with regular detergent
  • No Bleach or Fabric Softeners
  • Line dry


FeaturesMachine Washable
12.5cm Diameter (approx)
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