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Childcare centre’s around Australia are converting to reusable water resistant wet bags for children’s soiled and wet clothing. Saving centre’s hundreds of plastic bags each year. Using these bags can also improve the centre’s rating in quality area 3.

By switching to reusable bags for children’s wet and dirty clothes, you will not only save hundreds of plastic bags from landfill. It may also help to maintain or improve your rating in quality area 3, Element 3.2.3, Environmentally responsible.  By using wet bags and encouraging families to use them outside of the centre, will help to support children to become environmentally responsible.  For more information visit the ACECQA website.

Families can also reap the benefits of the bags by using them outside the centre for swimming, toilet training, travelling and more.

We offer several different options to help centre’s integrate the bags into the centre:

  1. Purchase the bags in bulk direct from us at $6.90 per bag, plus postage. Minimum order of 20 bags. Returns are also available for any bags that haven’t sold in 6 months.
  2.  We can custom design bags for your centre, including your own logo, pattern or colour. Minimum order 200-500 bags. Contact us for more details.

The bags are 40cm x 30cm and can hold a few sets of children’s clothes.  They are machine washable and have a snap on handle to connect the bags to the child’s backpack.

Over 40 different patterns in stock, see our full range of available patterns here
We also have mini wet bags available, if double bagging is required for some items.

If there is another option that would suit your centre better, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we’re open to and can accommodate most requests.

For more information or to order please email us [email protected] or call 0459 481 764

Sunflowers Wet Bag Name Tag

The bags have a tag with room to write names

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