Why Two in Cloth is Easier Than One

Baby & toddler together

Written By: Jacqueline Damen

Okay, okay, it’s not completely easier. I mean, there is more washing. More drying. More stuffing and folding. More nappies. Sounds great, right? In all seriousness, there really are a lot of advantages to having two children in cloth nappies.

First of all, it makes sense: I mean, you are already putting cloth on one, so you may as well continue to forgo the disposables and save further money, as well as bin space. Another plus: you will never be scrounging around the house trying to find small pieces of clothing to bulk out your main wash.

Trust me, with two kids, you will have heaps of food covered bibs, mud splashed tops and dirty socks to make up a full load. The best thing about more babies, is more nappies. Is there any better excuse to sort out your assortment of fancy poo catchers than for a new arrival? Whilst you may need to add more nappies to your available stash, it may not be as many as you think, as you will be washing more often.

You may decide to use your whole range of nappies for both your children, or decide to separate your cloth collection along print lines because your toddler loves dinosaurs, while your baby rocks the floral prints. You can match them up! Is there anything cuter than two siblings in Superhero nappies? Of course, despite the joy that Supergirl and Batman bring, there are challenges.

It might feel like the growth in your washing basket is getting higher and higher and never shrinking. Go easy on yourself. No one will judge you for using a disposable as you struggle to conduct life with a newborn and a toddler.

Get sleep if you can – Mount Washmore can wait. And when you begin to dismantle that mountain, nappy by nappy, insert by insert, remember that two in cloth means double the savings for both your hip pocket as well as the environment – so you are doing great.

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